Keeping loaded handguns in the home

Safely keeping a loaded handgun at a home with kids
A question we receive quite often at our store is "Do you have anything that will allow me to keep my gun loaded yet safe in my home? I have a child in the home." 
My wife had that same question so I brought home a bedside safe for her to use from Gunvault. The one I picked out is their mini-vault and it holds 1 full size gun. What I like most about these safes is it allows me to keep a loaded gun where I need it but still safe from the curiosity of a child. The best feature is the keypad on top. You set your own code with a 3-6 button combination so you can get into your safe in seconds. There are other manufacturers that do something similar so compare makes and models and decide what works for you. Here are some pics of what I chose and some of what they offer.

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